Personal/Family Sunday Worship

For the next several weeks we will be providing resources to have a time of Personal/Family Worship on Sunday mornings if you are unable to attend in person. Below you will find an outline for the time of worship that will include songs via a YouTube playlist, discussion questions, and a video sermon led by Jason.  

Personal/Family Worship Guide for April 11, 2021

Read Psalm 136:1-3




Sing the songs on the YouTube playlist

Play the video sermon.



After the video spend some time answering/discussing these questions.


1. How would our culture define freedom and liberty?

2. In verse 16, Peter says that people who are free live as servants of God. How can free people still be considered free if they are servants? Why is true freedom found in serving God?

3. How would you respond to someone who says that following God is too restrictive, and enjoyment in life is found in doing what they want to do?

4. Read verses 13-14 and 17. Do you find it hard to be subject to your government officials? When? Why? What does it mean to do something for the Lord’s sake?

5. In what ways do you honor your government leaders? In what ways do you dishonor them?

6. Read Acts 4:17-22 How would you go about discerning whether to (1) obey an ungodly, harsh, and cruel leader who enacts laws and policies you deem unwise or unfair? (2) What about a law that commands you do to something God forbids, or forbids something God commands? Does the command to be subject to your leaders apply differently in each of these scenarios? Why/why not? (Remember Nero is the emperor when Peter is writing this letter)

7. What are ways that the world responds in ignorance and foolishness towards Christians as we seek to serve God?

8. What are some ways that Christians have failed to speak the truth in love?

9. What might it look like for Christians to do good to the homosexual and transgender community?

10. Read verse 15. Communicating the Biblical norms and designs for marriage and gender and calling people to turn from their sin to Jesus has been deemed hate speech by some. Look at your answers for #9, how might Christians loving and intentionally doing good to non-believers, cause a non-believer to have to be silent and re-evaluate whether a Christian’s speech is actually coming from a place of hate?

Close in prayer.

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