Personal/Family Sunday Worship

For the next several weeks we will be providing resources to have a time of Personal/Family Worship on Sunday mornings if you are unable to attend in person. Below you will find an outline for the time of worship that will include songs via a YouTube playlist, discussion questions, and a video sermon led by Jason.  

Personal/Family Worship Guide for November 22, 2020

Read Psalm 95




Sing the songs on the YouTube playlist

Play the video sermon.



After the video spend some time answering/discussing these questions.


1. What are some things about God and his ways in the world that do not make sense to you? Read vs 13-14. Should it surprise us that we don’t understand some things about God? Why/why not?

2. Read vs 14. What is the day of prosperity? Describe it. What is the day of adversity? Describe it. What is God’s relationship to both of these days?

3. God made the day of adversity. How does that truth sit with you? What truths about God’s character must we keep in mind as we consider this truth?

4. What are ways that we as humans show our discontentment with our limitations as creatures? Why are we discontent?

5. Read vs16-17. What are ways that we try to use our righteousness as a means to manipulate or control God? What are ways that we use knowledge to wrongly gain advantage in the world?

6. Look at vs. 20-23 and 27-28. What are the limitations of our righteousness? What are the limitations of our wisdom and understanding?

7. Read vs 25-26. What are the result of pursuing wickedness and folly?

8. In what ways is Jesus our righteousness and wisdom?   

Close in prayer

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