Personal/Family Sunday Worship

For the next several weeks we will be providing resources to have a time of Personal/Family Worship on Sunday mornings if you are unable to attend our outdoor worship service at 105 Margaret Dr. Elizabeth City, NC 27909. Below you will find an outline for the time of worship that will include songs via a YouTube playlist, discussion questions, and a video devotional led by Jason. If you would like to print a hard copy of this guide you can access the file HERE each week. 

Personal/Family Worship Guide for May 24, 2020

Read Psalm 136




Sing the two songs on the YouTube playlist

For Little Kids:

(For parents with little kids you may want to grab a children’s story Bible and read to them about Paul or you can watch this video of Paul's story.)

For Older Kids

Some of our older kids (and adults too!) might enjoy watching this live action retelling of Acts 21:27-22:39

Play the video sermon.

This week as you listen to the sermon, keep a count of how many times you hear Jason say Accusations, Accusers, Defense

Link here: This Week's Sermon



After the video spend some time answering/discussing these questions.


1. What are the accusations made against Paul in this passage? Read Acts 21:28 and 22:22-23. According to the Jews what is Paul’s relationship to orthodox Judaism and the teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures?


2. What has Paul been teaching to Jews and Gentiles on his missionary journeys? What must Jews do to be saved? What must Gentiles do to be saved? What is the relationship between Gentiles who place their faith in Jesus and the People of God in the Bible?


3. Imagine you were one of the initial people who believed Paul’s message and began to follow Jesus. You have heard of Paul’s rejection by the Jews in Jerusalem and the accusations against him. What thoughts and questions would come to your mind? If their accusations are true and Paul has been unfaithful in his teaching about the God of the Bible and Jesus as the Messiah what would that mean for you? What would be necessary for you to be made right with God?


4. Read Acts 19:21-41. Compare it to Acts 21:27-22:29. What is similar? What is different? If Luke is comparing the rioting Jews in the Jerusalem Temple to the rioting Ephesians in the Temple of Artemis, how does that shape our perspective on the accusations they are making against Paul? Is Luke showing them to be the faithful people of God? Why? Why not?


5. Read Acts 22:3-5. How would Saul, at the time he was traveling to Damascus before encountering Jesus, evaluate his faithfulness to God and the teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures? Would his encounter with Jesus change that evaluation? How? Why?


6. Read Acts 22:14-21. What do Ananias’ words and the words of Jesus show us about Paul’s orthodoxy and faithfulness to the faith revealed in the Old Testament? What about the orthodoxy of the Jews in Temple in Jerusalem?


7. Read Romans 4:1-25. According to Paul who are the People of God, the heirs of promises to Abraham? How does the reality of the life, death, and resurrection Jesus, and his appearance to Paul give us certainty about our status as members of the People of God? 


Close in prayer

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