Personal/Family Sunday Worship

For the next several weeks we will be providing resources to have a time of Personal/Family Worship on Sunday mornings if you are unable to attend our outdoor worship service at 105 Margaret Dr. Elizabeth City, NC 27909. Below you will find an outline for the time of worship that will include songs via a YouTube playlist, discussion questions, and a video devotional led by Jason. If you would like to print a hard copy of this guide you can access the file HERE each week. 

Personal/Family Worship Guide for June 28, 2020

Read Isaiah 25:1 and 3-4   



Sing the two songs on the YouTube playlist

For Little Kids:

(For parents with little kids you may want to grab a children’s story Bible and read to them about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead or you can watch the video of that story here .)

For Older Kids

Some of our older kids (and adults too!) might enjoy watching this live action retelling of Acts 26

Play the video sermon.




After the video spend some time answering/discussing these questions.


1. In verses 27-28 Paul is appealing to Agrippa to come to faith in Jesus by asking him if he believes the prophets. Why would Paul think that believing the prophets would lead one to being a Christian? Read verses 6-8 and 22-23. How does Christianity relate to the Old Testament?


2. A lot of Christians and churches do not spend time reading, studying, or preaching in the Old Testament. Why do you think that is? In your Bible reading and study do you spend more time in the OT or the NT? Why? How could this passage encourage believers to spend time studying the OT?


3. Read vs 15-18 and 22-23. What place do Gentiles have in the people of God? Whose idea was it to include Gentiles in God’s people? How long has this been the plan? Why is it important to understand that there is one people of God?


4. Read v24. What does Festus think of Paul’s testimony? Do you think people think the same thing of Christians today? Why/why not? How would you respond to someone who thinks you are out of your mind for believing the Bible and believing that Jesus was raised from the dead?


5. Read vs 25-26. What does Paul claim about the events to which he is testifying? Read Luke 1:1-4 what is Luke claiming to give us in his account? Do you believe that what you are reading in Luke/Acts to be a true, rational, historical testimony of eyewitnesses? Why/why not? Why is this important to emphasize?


6.  Read vs 18 and 22-23. How would you describe a Christian based on these verses? Are you a Christian? Pray and thank God for his grace in making these things true of you. If you are not a Christian, what is the biggest barrier to you becoming a Christian? Ask God to give you understanding of the truth.   


Close in prayer

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