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Passages for Fall

*Check back often since these passages may change!

September 4: 2 Samuel 1:17–27

September 11: 2 Samuel 2:1–11

September 18: 2 Samuel 2:12–32

September 25: 2 Samuel 3:1–39

October 2: 2 Samuel 4:1–12

October 9: 2 Samuel 5:1–25

When You Meet

1. Pray. Ask God to help you understand the passage.

2. Read. Read the passage out loud together. Alternate every few verses.

3. Talk. Go through the provided study questions. Take turns facilitating, either by the type of questions (Context, Observation, Meaning, Application), or week to week.

4. Pray. Allow your thanksgivings and requests to come from what you’ve just studied.

Questions for Old Testament Narrative

*From One to One Bible Reading by David Helm


  • What has happened so far in the narrative? Have there been any major events, characters, or themes?
  • What has happened just prior to the section you are reading?


  • What do you learn about the main characters in this section? How does the author describe them? How do they describe themselves?
  • Is time or place significant in the events that happen in this passage?
  • Is there a conflict or high point in the passage?
  • Do you think there is a main point or theme in this section of the story?
  • What surprises are there?


  • Are there any 'editorial' comments from the author about the events in the narrative? How do these comments illuminate what is happening?
  • Does someone in the narrative learn something or grow in some way? How? What does this person learn?
  • How does the passage point forward to what God is going to do in the future? Does it prophesy or anticipate Jesus Christ in some way?
  • How could you sum up the meaning of this passage in your own words?


  • How does this passage challenge your understanding about who God is and what he is like?
  • Is there some attitude or behavior you need to change?

Questions for Hebrew Wisdom Literature and Poetry

*From One to One Bible Reading by David Helm


  • Are there any clues about the circumstances in which the passage was written?
  • What has happened so far?


  • Are there repetitions or multiple instances of similar ideas? Do these repetitions make a particular point, or point to the structure of the passage?
  • What images or metaphors does the author use?
  • What do they indicate about God or the other people in the text? What might they indicate about modern readers?
  • What is the tone of the passage? What emotions is the author arousing?
  • What is the main point or points?
  • What surprises are there?


  • Are there specific instructions/commands given to the reader? Does this passage mention any consequences for not following God's commands?
  • How does the author motivate the reader/audience, or make his appeal?
  • What does the passage teach us about God, and his people, and life in his world?
  • Does the passage point forward to Jesus? Is the gospel anticipated or foreshadowed in some way?


  • How does this passage challenge (or confirm) your understanding?
  • Is there some attitude you need to change?
  • How does this passage call on you to change the way you live?

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